Working directly with farmers, handlers and supply chain stakeholders to provide the food processing industry with specialty, organic, certified transitional or non-GMO grain and other agricultural products.

The food industry today faces tremendous challenges related to building a sustainable and secure supply chain for consistent high quality and cost-effective agricultural raw materials and ingredients. Much of this is due to changing consumer demand for healthier food products but also due to the need to create more transparency for consumers related to production and sourcing methods.
Whether your company needs to expand sourcing for traditional agricultural products, Identity Preserved (IP) grains or soybeans, non-GMO or organic products, Agromeris has an extensive network of producers, elevators and brokers to serve your needs and create a safe and sustainable supply chain.

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In addition, Agromeris is currently working with government agencies and select Accredited Certifying Agencies to help build out the supply of U.S.-produced organic products through a novel “Certified Transitional” program that connects end-users directly with producers to bring more organic acres into production.