Coordination of food and ingredient product development, processing and packaging, utilizing a global network of processing facilities.

Agricultural Processing
From the initial processing of raw agricultural products to the filling of a formulated and finished food product into a consumer package, our experts can help to coordinate new product development and identify appropriate technologies and processing facilities. These include many that are USDA Certified Organic and utilize sustainable and minimal processing technologies that can serve the specialty, organic and natural products marketplace.

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Agromeris has an extensive network of food and agricultural product processors that provide a range of processing and packaging options including those that have capabilities in dairy and non-dairy products (including soymilk, almond milk, rice milk and grain-based beverages), fruit juices, snack foods, plant-based proteins, energy bars and specialized food ingredients. Packaging choices cover a wide-range of formats, materials and distribution options including shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen.
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We can help you add the highest value to your agricultural product, ingredient or consumer packaged goods for today’s global marketplace.

Processing, Packaging and Bottling